Blog Shutdown Important

Hey yes i returned to rpf a few days ago i am shutting down this blog from now on due to some problems

  1. People IP Address there is one security flaw with wordpress and i am not really happy about it that wordpress gave COMPLETE IP ADDRESS and it has the ability to search where its from and i don’t really feel happy about having that kind of information and i really hate wordpress for that it sucks i mean why? I don’t want people to be unsafe from this problem i really want wordpress to remove the quick edit feature and the ip location
  2. It’s getting boring blogging and now i have a yt channel and i can’t really focus on blogging from now

Danny Blog I Guess This Is Goodbye.. Well i might transfer my blog to something more safer….


Retirement Of RPF Last Post?

Well, I Am Sad That I Left The Amazing Community And I Learned Many Thing I Didn’t Expect To Learn From RPF Personally RPF Felt Like A 2nd Family That’s What I Felt When I Was In RPF Some People In Club Penguin Rewritten Said RPF Is For Little Kids Without A Life Or RPF Is Just For Idiots, It Never Felt Like That I Hated When People Said That It Felt Like A Amazing Commnuity And A Guidance To Yourself The Motto, ‘Fight The Good Fight” Means Alot To Me It’s Not Just A Word More Of A Inspiration To Life.

Why I Left RPF And The Discord

I Have Like 20 Reasons Why I Left I Will Give Some

First, I Felt Unconfortable With Many People In RPF And I Never Felt The Same Way As I Did.

Secondly, I Am Busy With School And Having Some Trouble.

Thrid When RPF Move To Discord I Notice Some Of My Old Friends Were Not There And I Miss Some Of My Friends In Xat RPF And I Miss Jackson And I Miss Talking With Crazzu And Many More,

Forth I Am Feeling Unconfortable With Some Owner I Felt That Some Of Them Are Plastic To Me And They Seem Like To Be Uncomfortable With Me In RPF And My Personality And Many More Reasons,

I’ve been thinking About Leaving RPF For 2 Weeks                                                                        I Am Sorry That I Left RPF I Hope That RPF Does Really Well And Will Be The Best And Might Reach A THRID Golden Age I Really Hopeful Of That FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

You Can Always Be The Best Believe You Are The Best- Danny, RPF Will Always Have  A Place In My Hear Danny Signing Off

UPDATE  JULY 9,I Will Explain The 4 Reasons BETTER Firstly I Didint Felt Like Myself Or The Excitement With RPF Anymore Secondly  I Have School And I Am About To Be High School And I Need To Focus On High School So I Can Get A Good Grade Thirdly, RPF Didint Felt Like A Family Anymore With Some Of My Friends Gone And Most Not Talking Crazzu Was Like My Very First Friend I Met Him On Iceberg After I Joined RPF Jackson Was Like A Big Brother To Me I Miss Me And Him Doing Random Stuff And Doing Funny Role Play’s In The Stage Man Good Ol Time’s. Forth Some Or Most People Seem To Be Mean To Me And I Notice SOME High Rank’s Seem To Treat Me Like Plastic And Being Uncomfortable With The Way I Act It Made Me Upset To See Them Like That And Upset About My Friends One Kick Out A1 One Not Chatting Or Talking With Us Crazzu One Guy Who Was Nice And Like A Mentor Jackson Apologies If You Dont Understand This.

Club Penguin Armies Vs Club Penguin Rewritten Armies

Club Penguin Rewritten Armies Are Armies Made For Fun And To Teach Kids SOCIAL SKILLS TEAMWORK AND HARD Work They Were Many Armies In Club Penguin Like The Army Of Club Penguin, The Doritos Of CP, Before In Club Penguin Most Armies Use Bots To Advertise Their Army And Most Armies Usually Use Bot Raids Heres A Old Photo For Example This Was In Original Club Penguin During The Invasion Of The 2 Bot Armies Called Themselves The Watermelons And The Other Army I Forgotten There Name XD I Hated Most Armies That Use Bot Raids Since LEADERSHIP USES MORE THAN ONE PERSON TO SUCCEED VICTORY NOT FROM USING ONE PERSON TO CONTROL BOTS Some Armies I Like Them For Not Using Bots Example Underground Mafia Army, Army Of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation,

“Bots On Club Penguin”

Honestly CP Armies Wasn’t Fair The Armies That Use Bots Since Armies Uses Leaderships And The Doritos Nachos And Other Armies That Used Bots Were Not Fair Of Course Some Armies Never Used Bots “Victory Is Ours, Not From One Person” That’s How Armies Work Victory Is Ours, Not From One Guy Using Bots In Club Penguin And Saying Victory And Crashing Servers Victory Is From Everyone In The Army Who Helped Them To Victory A Leader Job Is To Ensure Every Member Gets Victory Bots Honestly Act More Of A Boss Since There Victory Seems Like They Did It By Using Some Hacking Software To Achieve Victory.

“Armies Club Penguin Rewritten”

I Loved Club Penguin Rewritten Armies And Having Fun Battles With Them Like The Tuba Army, The Maracas, And Others Club Penguin Rewritten Staff Are Active And Really Friendly To The Community! Good Thing Club Penguin Rewritten Can’t Use Bots Most People Think Bots Are On Club Penguin Rewritten They Are Just Usually A Strong Army Most Armies Seem To Get Offended When They Are Called “Bots” Well TBH I Don’t Blame Them For Calling Armies “Bots” Since Everyone Has A Opinion

Club  Penguin Rewritten Armies Are BETTER Than Club Penguin Armies In My Opinion Since In CPR You Can Have A Free Membership To Get A Uniform And Be Easy To Identify Them

Club Penguin Armies Are Great To Be Honest They Have Really Better Tactics In The Old Days Than In Club Penguin Rewritten Its Kinda Hard To Identify Which Army Are U From Their Due To Uniform Changing Alot Which I Find Annoying To Armies

Club Penguin Rewritten Armies Are Much Modern And Better With Uniform And Identification

Club Penguin Armies Are Good In Tactics And Brings The Old Style Back.




Club Penguin Rewritten Opinion

Club Penguin Rewritten

My Opinion On CPR I Honestly Think Its The Most Awesome Thing That Has Happen To Me Its A Great Community And A Experience We Lost After Club Penguin Lost It Touch In 2013 I Notice Club Penguin Lost There Magic And CPR Brought The Magic Back And To Old Fans Of Club Penguin  Join CPR The Nostalgic Of Club Penguin Has Come Back When Club Penguin Shut Down I Cried… I Heard About CPR Thanks To Oscar One AKA Valiskibum What Do I Think Of The CPR Team Actually More Active And More Better And More Interactive Than The Original Club Penguin Team Is CPR Better Than Other CPPS Actually Yes Its More Fair No Cheats And More Fun! Plus Free Membership! So I Rate Club Penguin Rewritten 10/10 Also Heres A Little Joke CPR Saves People Club Penguin Rewritten They Save Us When Club Penguin Shut Down So We Are Thankful For That Thank You Club Penguin Rewritten Team For Bringing Our Childhood Back


Craziness? Cuteness Time! With RPF Cat

Hey Guys Danny Here Special Thanks To RPF Cat For Inspiring Making This Crazy Photo

RPF CAT .jpg

Making Nyan Cat More Crazier And Replacing Nyan Cat With RPF Cat How Amazing! #RPFCAT4NYAN

And I Made This Cause Of Cats Cool Idea Its Cute And Nice CUTE MISSMARISS AND CAT.jpg

It Shows Missmariss And RPF Cat Holding A Cute Banner With A Cute Background And RPF Holding Hands Also Special Shout Out To Missmariss And RPF Cat!

Cool Photos!

RPf vs tubas waterI Made This RPF Vs Tubas Sea Edition It Shows Tubas Rowing In There Boat While RPF Uses A War Ship To Tubas Its A Cool Photo However I Admit It Was Rush Due To Time And Being Busy With School


I Made This Cool Photo RPF SHIP VS UMA SHIP It Shows Uma Original Uniform And There Commander EHROYALS81 And The Background Shows Darkness Emerges When RPF And Uma Battle With Elm Leading RPF Ship While EHROYALS81 Leads UMA Ship…

Rejected Photos

Hello Guys Danny Here I Will Show Some Rejected Photos I Made A Couple Weeks Ago

Disclaimer If U Get Offended By The Photo I Apologize And Its Just Rejects So Dont Take It Seriously 

RPF FIRE 2.jpg

This Was A Reject Photo Because Of 2 Things Its Highly Violent And Disturbing To See And Reason Number 2 It Seem Crazy This Photo So I Decided To Reject It



I Rejected This For 3 Reasons First RPF Member Didint Like That RPF Had No Light saber And The Photo Seem Kinda Funny Number 2 The Text Is Not Good And Its A Bit Hard To Read Number 3 Its A Bit Stupid Dark Vader As Tuba Lord

Ok Thats About It I Kinda Regretted Making This 2 Photos Tbh


Hey I Made This Photo For Missmariss Even Tho Me And Missmariss Dont Talk Alot In RPF And Even Tho I Admit I Am Not Close With Missmariss I Would Like To Show You This Photo

MARISS.jpgAlso Special Thanks To One Of My Fav Member RPF CAT For Inspiring Making This Awesome Photo And Cheering For My Talent

Happy To Help


Thanks To The People Who Like My Pictures I Make For RPF And RPF Members. If Missmariss Reads This The Credit Is Yours Not Mine The Photo For You

RPF Photos 2

Alright Danny Here So I Will Show You Some Photos I Made For RPF Members And Leaders Slide1

Special Shout Out For DJ Crystal For Inspiring Me To Make This Photo It Represents RPF Stepping Out Of The Dark And Showing Of There Moves Its One Of My Fav Photo I Made


I Made This For Angel Fairy She Told Me Her Fav Things And I Decided To Mash Them Up Honestly If U Ask Me I Try My Best To Make All Members A Photo For Them Since Deep Down I Care About Them And I Love RPF Like A Family And Someday I Will Try To Make All RPF Members A Photo For Them Since I Think Low Or High Ranks Deserve Something Special